Heritages List

Pick a heritage from the list below rather than from the book/sheet. When you do, also state a detail about your family life to go with it.

Kerch (where the game is)

A small island nation ringed by seawalls and coastal dunes. The Council of Tides protects the cities and most of the island from the Unsea to the east, and Kerch maintains its wealth through facilitating trade between Shu Han and the west and keeps its sovereignty through obeisance paid to the Darkling in Ravka. Natives of Kerch are generally fair-skinned and fair-haired. (Netherlands/Venice)


A now far-off land, isolated by the Unsea from the rest of the world, where the worship of saints and martyrs is popular. Sometimes mistakenly called the deathlands; people describe Ravka's former beauty only in testimonies of how the Grisha and their "Small Science" ruined it by using the Unsea to stamp out rebels and dissent. The people of Ravka are generally fair-skinned with hair that varies from fair to pitch black. (Russia, France, Prussia.)


The Suli have had roots in Ravka since before it had borders and was called Ravka. While Suli share in the belief of saints, they’re ethnically distinct from Ravkans and largely nomadic. Many Suli have ended up in Kerch after the expansion of the deathlands sundered families and swallowed old travel routes. They are dark-skinned and dark-haired. (Romani, India)

Shu Han

A land of vast deserts and salt-crystal mountains. Centuries of conflict with Ravka have made the Shu both mercenary and creative in how they wage war. Shu Han openly sends its bounty hunters and soldiers of fortune to capture and experiment on Grisha, seeking the source of Grisha power and how to weaponise it. They are generally fair-skinned and dark-haired. (Mongol, China)


A ragged land of cold mountains and rough tundra. Fjerda, already a poor nation, suffered the most from Ravka's expansion of the Unsea. Home to tenacious witchhunters called Druskelle, who dedicate their entire lives to the capture and burning of Grisha as anathema. They are generally pale-skinned and fair-haired. (Scandinavia)

Novyi Zem

A relatively young country comprised mostly of farmland, an expanding frontier, and bustling coastal cities. Largely separated from global conflict by the expanse of the True Sea, Novyi Zem has prospered and is popular among those seeking the asylum of opportunity and anonymity. Their tolerance of unaffiliated Grisha has allowed for the invention of the Lightning Rail and other spark-craft. The native people of Novyi Zem are generally dark or copper-skinned and dark-haired. (Americas)

The Wandering Isle

A lush, green country far to the north where the blood of the Gifted is prized as a medical cure-all. Market disruption caused by the Unsea has brought the interest of Kerch businesses. The people of the Isle are generally pale-skinned and red-haired. (Ireland, Wales)

Heritages List

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