St. Andrew's Finders

Creating the Finders

The beginnings of our persistent gang.


Through an initial chat, the crew type chosen was SMUGGLERS. Smuggler crews gain xp for the following actions

  • Execute a successful smuggling or acquire new clients or contraband sources.
  • Contend with challenges above your current station
  • Bolster your crew's reputation or develop a new one.
  • Express the goals, drives, inner conflict, or essential nature of the crew.

The crew begins at Tier 0, with strong hold (meaning they are strongly at Tier 0 rather than weakly), and 0 REP. It began with 2 COIN (an abstration of wealth), representing the pooled together savings of its founding members.

Other underworld factions view your crew as Daring, likely because you've chosen to specialise in the transport of arcane/weird goods. This can be anything from railway parts (as the railway is an arcane invention of Grisha, or "devil mages," from Novyi Zem) to bottled souls or volcra (a vicious type of demon). When agents of a mysterious "Loverman," who lays claim to dealings involving the procurement of arcane/weird goods, came by, your crew paid them 2 COIN in tribute on the rationale that you'll make back the investment immediately; in exchange, you gained +1 status with Loverman.

The current choice for lair is on a side street not too far, but still across a river, from Gaddoc Station, a large rail hub which sends and receives trains travelling to Shu Han, which can only be reached by passing through a long stretch of deathlands. The lair is an old dilapidated curios shoppe that used to belong to some cultists. It's shabby, not at all hidden, but sufficient.

Your crew's starting special ability is LEVERAGE: Your crew supplies contraband to other factions. Your success is good for them. Whenever you gain REP, gain +1 REP.

Your crew upgrades are a Carriage pulled by two Fjerdan goats, Prowess training (gain 2xp instead of 1 when training prowess as a downtime action), Smuggler's rigging (2 items carried are perfectly concealed), and Living Quarters in your lair. The Smuggler's rigging was provided to you by the Dandy Lions, a larger crew of Hawkers who operate out of Six Towers. The acquisition of a lair large enough for living quarters was achieved by kicking out the former inhabitants of your lair — the cult of Sankta Andrey.

The favourite contact of the crew is Esme, a Ravkan tavern owner whose hatred of some of the local whores has ruffled your relations with another gang. She's tried to bring peace between you and the cult of Sankta Andrey, but tensions only flared up again after your crew began calling itself Saint Andrew's Finders.


+1 with Loverman
+1 with the Dandy Lions
-2 with the Cult of Sankta Andrey
-1 with the Blue Bonnets

CURRENT CREW MEMBERS (as of April 2nd)

Shioban, "Ess"
a Grisha-blooded SLIDE from the Wandering Isle with a history in agriculture. Can speak to ghosts and demons. Has a WEIRD vice fulfilled in a mysterious dockside tavern. Friends with Bazso Baz, a gang leader; rivals with Bryl, a drug dealer.

Xilyca, "X"
a Suli SPIDER whose childhood was spent in Ketterdam's underworld. A specialist in gathering information. Trains new whores at the Menagerie for PLEASURE. Friends with Salia, an information broker; rivals with Augus, a master architect.

Josephine Jennifer Johnson (J.J.), "Johnson"
a LEECH fabrikator from Novyi Zem whose family helped bring the railway to the city before they were cheated out of business. Can invent with spark-craft and already has the designs to craft hydraulic carrying/crushing clamps. Blows up old junkers with explosives for PLEASURE. Friends with Stazia, an apothecary; rivals with Malista, a priestess.

Joshua Ward (Josh), "Black Shuck"
a Novyi Zem HOUND with strong emotional ties to a former military life. Through training, charm, or curse, is immune to the poisonous miasma of the deathlands. Fulfills an OBLIGATION to help an old Veteran's hospital. Friends with Melvir, a physicker; rivals with Casta, a bounty hunter.

Links for everything to follow soon! Other crew members, feel free to make interjections/call out for concerns or edits!


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